Tuesday, December 04, 2007

'Make Your Own Stanley'

Did you enter the CK 'Make Your Own Stanley!' competition?

The free pattern and instructions were provided in the Cath Kidston winter catalogue. The example they gave was simply made from beige felt, but it encouraged you to use different fabrics and colours. You then had to take a photo of your finished toy and send it via email to Stanley!

I used a section of vintage cream woolen blanket and overlaid it with antique French lace to resemble the real Stanley's curly coat. A spotty ribbon collar was the finishing touch.

The competition has now closed, but if you would like to make your own, then you can still download the pdf from here. He would make a great little stocking filler for a child, or use him as a pincushion if you can bare to stick pins in him!


  1. Anonymous11:19 am

    Niki he is gorgeous!
    Willow House

  2. Hi Niki

    Didn't see the competition, but he's lovely! If only I could sit still long enough to get some sewing done! I'd even settle for standing still!!

    See you on Sunday? I haven't done a raindance, but have a feeling it's going to be a wet one ...

    Sue xx

  3. I saw the competition, but didn't enter! Love your Stanley, hope he wins!

  4. Hi Niki

    He's just adorable and what a great mix of fabrics! I think you stand a very good chance of winning!

    Clare x

  5. daisy cottage12:47 pm

    Oh Niki! He's so cute!
    I want one!!!!!
    Love him!


  6. Oh he is so lovely.Clever you for making him

  7. Twinklepink2:49 pm

    Well Niki he is just the cutest little thing and I love the lacey touch:))

    Cath should suitably reward you for this one - and watch out she might ask you to make 500 more - ooohhh your poor hands though.... ;)

    best wishes Ginny

  8. What a cute little Stanley! I didn't get around to making one for the competition but I do have the pattern for when I get "a round toit"!

  9. Niki, that is FABULOUS! I think you should start selling these little stuffies you make on your site. I know I would buy one! (Something for my two dolls I bought from you to cuddle against!)

  10. Anonymous5:25 pm

    STUNNING STANLEY!!!! Wow YOURS is so gorgeous Niki. I couldn't believe the difference in quality when I looked at the competition site. You really really deserve to win.
    Love Dawn Robson

  11. Hi Niki
    I think he is a very stylish Stanley and is sure to impress..
    Good Luck!
    P.s Are you going to the grand CK opening next week?

  12. Aahh he's adorable!
    Good luck, hope you win!
    Alison x

  13. Oh your Stanley is a sure winner! What a wonderful idea x

  14. your stanley is adorable. i love the lace!

  15. I could not stick pins in him no matter what.

  16. Very cute Niki!
    I don't sew at all.

  17. Oh My! He's adorable!!!

    You did win, right? Because I can't imagine anything cuter.
    You really nailed the fur look with the different colors of lace.

    And no, I could not stick pins in him.
    Kimberly :)

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  19. I dont see how you couldnt win the compettition with him Niki, He is so lovely. I didnt have the time to make one before but I might give it a go anyway now and give it to Georgia for Christmas. You really did so well making the fabric look like fur! clever girl!

  20. I love YOUR Stanley. I could never make as good as you can.
    I would really love to have one as it is my son's favourite breed.
    Do you sell them, yet? pleeeeease
    Carol xxxxx

  21. Hi! How nice that I bumped into your version of Stanley. I made one too (here in Finland) even though I haven't done anything like that before. The instructions were so simple that I had to try..

    Though my poor Stanley doesn't have eyes, ears or other "not so important" parts. :)

    You can see the picture of my Stan in my blog.

    Greetings from my Stanley to Yours!


  22. So cute I can hardly stand it. You are super creative!!

  23. I love your Little Stanley, he is a cute fellow! I have made one, he can be seen on my blog! Im off to see Nina's Stanley above!


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